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confused onboarding

so I'll give you my first impressions, hopefully you'll take it as constructive feedback. I did create a fake prodile just to understand the onboarding. I got surprised that although I had to define a hourly rate there was no connection to my bank account - where does the money go and what's your cut? 1) the granny logo kinda puts me off - as a former brand advertising strategist I don't see the benefit of this visual icon - i imagine your brief said "wisdom" but to me gives me old school / old establishment and I don't want, as a mentor, to be equated to old granny voice. I also see a disparity in the branding / logo-icon and the rest of the look&feel / discord tribes.2) I do not wish to engage in paid mentorship. what I enjoy about my 10years track record as a mentor is the altruism and the sense of giving back to the community. I mentor ppl on topics such as career change, asking for a raise, moving countries - NOT business topics like I see now in your filters. I already have a job and I do not wish to engage in paid consultancy / nor can I ;) - potential solution: give mentors the opportunity to donate their fee to a NGO of their choice / a curated list from you.3) The website mentions Use Cases - but I'd challenge that as it feels much more written like benefits for the different audiences you're after. I think the key product you're selling is paid advice / micro-consulting (at a piece), instead of mentorship? Reminds me of Fivr but for micro-consulting.I do appreciate you reaching out to me and thanks for the compliments. My mentors really helped me structure and advance in my career and I am beyond grateful to them. I am simply paying it fwd.Cheers from rainy Amsterdam!joanaJoana Veiga

Info Porada 7 days ago

register time is long

I've registered but the time taken is quite long. You could take a path where mentors sign up with Linkedin directly so that they can immediately set up the services, making them available for reservation asap.The duration selection has too many clicks and using a 12-hour format (where I have to click AM and PM, plus the time selection is suddenly on the left side where my attention is in the time selection) it takes me around a couple extra minutes just to set the time up and I have to do it one by one. It would be great if there was the ability to duplicate the time to other days and just type or use a dropdown to select the time. That would really speed things up.The onboarding is stuck on update payment. I had to find the payment setup from settings instead.On the areas of searching for a consultant, it would be better to highlight the role or skill labels tied so that it can relate more to the user. Because the truncated description of consultant does not help users to understand at a glance.

Info Porada 7 days ago